My 1976 Schwinn Continental

Silver bullet: My newly-acquired '76 Schwinn Continental
I got another one!

They told me Schwinns multiply, and sure enough, I've found that's true. I bought this Schwinn Continental that was listed on Craigslist in Louisville, Ky., on Feb. 16, 2016.

It is a 22" frame with 27" wheels and is a 10-speed. Factory-equipped, it has Randonneur alloy handlebars, but I plan to swap that out for a Wald bar that is more like what's on the '70 Racer.

Stay tuned, there will be more to come!


  • Silver Mist paint
  • 27x1-1/4 Michelin Protek tires (on order)
  • Schwinn S-6 chrome tubular rims
  • Center-pull caliper brakes
  • Electro-Forged steel frame
  • Purchased in Louisville, Ky. on 2/16/16


      • Replaced tires and tubes (Michelin Protek 27x1-1/4" tires, Sunlite tubes), 0.0 mi., 2/29/16
      • Replaced brake pads and cables (Jagwire X pads, Bell Pitstop 500 cables), 0.0 mi., 2/29/16
      • Converted handlebars from randonneur-style to tourist-style, 0.0 mi., 2/29/16. Project included the following parts:
        • Wald 2.5" rise touring handlebar
        • Sunlite #3109 contour grips
        • Sunlite #1271 touring brake levers
      • Installed SKS B42 Commuter II fenders, adjusted and relubricated chain and derailleurs, 10.7 mi., 3/4/16
      • Installed Origin8 Data Station 8 cycle computer, 10.7 mi., 3/5/16
      • Installed Schwinn #SW77672-6 tool-free bell, 28.1 mi., 3/13/16
      • Adjusted brakes and installed Schwinn Cruzair seat, 48.3 mi., 3/16/16
      • Adjusted front hub bearings and re-centered wheel, 65.5 mi., 3/22/16
      • Replaced Wald #8095 handlebar with #803 bar and Hunt Wilde grips, added Sunlite rear rack and new rack and frame bags for commuting, 220.3 mi., 4/30/16
      • Revised rear brake cable housing, 240.6 mi., 5/3/16
      • Replaced rear brake cable (entire assembly) and front brake cable housing, 286.3 mi., 5/8/16
      • Replaced rear tube, 424.7 mi., 6/20/16
      • Adjusted brakes, 450.5 mi., 6/26/16
      • Replaced rear wheel (Wheelmaster #6421) and freewheel (SunRace), 746.9 mi., 9/6/16
      • Tightened spokes, front and rear, 974.2 mi., 11/12/16
      *Overhaul: Clean, inspect and repack bearings, replacing any parts as needed.


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