My 1970 Schwinn Racer

My 1970 Schwinn Racer, in Campus Green, with a few mods. A great bike and a lot of fun to ride!
Since I started riding again a few years ago, I've toyed with the notion of buying an older bike to enjoy. I did end up with one, the '86 Huffy Bay Pointe I sold last fall, but I set my sights a little higher - OK, a lot higher - and decided I'd not take the plunge again until I came up with a Schwinn.

And, on Oct. 18, 2015, I finally got the one I really wanted:  A 1970 Schwinn Racer.

Finished in Schwinn's ever-popular Campus Green, this one came from the son of its original owner, who purchased it at the old Art's Schwinn Cyclery in Evansville, Ind.

It's a simple bike, with just one speed and a sturdy Bendix 70 coaster brake hub that works as nicely now as it did when new.

Its one real frill is the battery-powered chrome bullet headlight, which only halfway worked when I got it ... It took some doing, but I got it cleaned up and working.

The bike has new Kenda K-23 blackwall tires (it was on its original Carlisle-made Schwinn Straight Side Nylon Touring tires when I brought it home) and included its original owner's manual, an extra chainguard decal, and a pair of new glitter green grips (say that 10 times fast!).


  • Campus Green paint
  • 26 x 1 3/8 x 1 1/4 Kenda K-23 blackwall touring tires (Original Schwinn Straight Side Touring tires still on hand)
  • Schwinn S-5 chrome tubular rims
  • Bendix 70 coaster brake hub, single speed
  • Electro-Forged steel frame
  • Purchased in Evansville, Ind. on 10/18/15

      With new Weinmann wheels and Continental tires, Feb. 2016

      • Installed Bell Dashboard 300 cycle computer, 0.0 mi., 10/18/15
      • Installed new tires, 0.1 mi., 10/18/15
      • Overhauled bottom bracket bearings*, 0.1 mi., 10/19/15
      • Overhauled Bendix hub, 12.9 mi., 10/22/15
      • Installed Schwinn air cushion saddle, 13.1 mi., 10/22/15
      • Removed bullet headlight and installed LED lights front and rear, 24.7 mi., 10/23/15
      • Repaired and reinstalled bullet headlight, kept LEDs, 26.0 mi., 10/26/15
      • Replaced rear tube (Bell Standard 26x1-1/4 - 26x1-3/8 #7064264), 28.8 mi., 10/26/15
      • Cleaned the internals and regreased Bendix hub (this time with more grease than in the overhaul), 55.9 mi., 11/6/15
      • Installed new King I Sports analog speedometer and Sunlite rear luggage rack, 69.0 (29.0 on speedometer) mi., 11/23/15
      • Installed new Weinmann ZAC20 wheels (front and rear) and Continental CityRIDE II tires, 158.8 mi., 2/15/16
      • Installed Schwinn cushioned springer saddle, 187.1 mi., 2/26/16
      • Removed springer saddle and rack, May 2016 (mileage and exact date not recorded)
      • Trued rear wheel, 270.4 mi., 5/15/16
      • Fine-tuned the rear wheel and trued the front wheel, 273.8 mi., 5/15/16
      *Overhaul: Clean, inspect and repack bearings, replacing any parts as needed.


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