Other Bikes I've Owned

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2007 MAGNA PK7
I swear, Magnas just find me. I honestly don't go looking for them ... well, not always, anyway. This is a 21-speed full suspension Mountain Bike, purchased Jan. 6, 2015 and used until June 2015, when we found a crack in its aluminum frame.  Its major components (tires, rims, saddle, brakes, etc.) are being parceled out to other bikes in need, so it was not a total loss.

21-speed Mountain Bike, purchased Oct. 14, 2014 and sold Jan. 8, 2015 ... I rode it some 246 miles. Sold to a local college student. It's a fine bike, but riding "hunched over" was harder on my shoulders than I thought. Eventually stolen from KWC's Stadium Apartments - if you see it, please contact the Owensboro Police Department.

21-speed Mountain Bike, purchased Oct. 2, 2014 and returned Oct. 14, 2014 ... 52 miles was all I put on this one before I took it back to Walmart. Lesson learned? Don't buy a bike from Walmart, especially if it's $80, if you want it to be (a) safe, (b) reliable and (c) durable. This one had lousy brakes, gears that wouldn't stay in gear, and the suspension firmness of a wet sponge. I will say this - it was a nice looking bike. But looks ain't everything.

3-speed English Racer-style Bike, purchased July 7, 2014 and sold Sept. 25, 2014 ... in that time, I put 161 miles on it. Another bike sold to a local college student, this was my first "project" bike. When I got it, it needed help - the chain was in fairly rusty shape and the paint badly oxidized, so I cleaned it up and refreshed the chain and all of its bearings, brakes, and so on.  Didn't cost much, and it was fun.  I'd never had a three-speed internal hub before, so learning how to take care of that was a learning experience. (I didn't break it, either!) I replaced the saddle and seat post, and also bought a set of Michelin World Tour tires, and the end result was a very nice-riding and comfortable touring bike.  Don't be surprised if I someday track down another!

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