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Hey! It's been a while ...

... and how things have changed!

Oh, I'm still riding, but with a recent move to the country, I've been preoccupied with things around the new homestead.

But I am about to go on my summer schedule at work, which will HOPEFULLY allow me more road time.  That's the general plan, anyway.

And what great country I have to explore out here! I've got one road that's almost perfectly flat, all the way to the next town over, plus numerous roads with hills I think I can still climb - and I fully intend to find out!

I dug out Old Blue from storage at work last week, cleaned him up and repaired the back wheel - I'd busted a couple of spokes - and put him right back to the job. Didn't miss a beat, either. I rolled up about 40 miles even with a good rain or two thrown in.