More bikes I've restored ...

Here are a few more bikes I've restored:


The first bike I restored was this AMF Roadmaster product, which was fairly heavy-laden with rust.  Most was fixable; I did have to replace the front wheel as it was just too far gone to save.  Other items replaced include:
  • Fenders (Wald Middleweight #952-26)
  • Tires and tubes (Tires: Kenda/Sunlite whitewall street tires, 26x1.75")
  • Seat (Roadmaster, off the shelf)
Reconditioning included:
  • Cleaning and repacking of all major bearings
  • Painting wheels, handlebars, pedals, chainwheel and crank
  • Lubricating the rear hub (Fichtel & Sachs "Komet")


This bike was a pleasure to work on - as one of Schwinn's partly hand-built fillet-brazed rides (using brass at the joints), this one is as well built as they come and rides like a dream on wheels. It also had just 35 miles (!) on it. All I had to replace on this one were the tires, tubes and brake pads, everything else just got adjusted and/or lubed.

Tires used were Michelin Protek, 27x1-1/4". I swear by these for their wet-weather traction, reflective whitewalls, and low price - even more affordable than Walmart's cheapest road tires ... and better, too.

I added the chrome lightweight Wald fenders at the customer's request.


One of the quintessential English sport roadsters now largely forgotten, this Sports came to me needing only a good, solid cleanup and a new front tire and tube.  I also lubed and tuned the Sturmey-Archer's shift mechanism.

When waxing bike frames, I use only Turtle Wax, same as I do for my cars and trucks.


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