KWC's new Rip Curl cruiser

The new 2015 Magna Rip Curl cruiser.
If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that a few months ago, we began using my PK7 mountain bike at my place of employment (Kentucky Wesleyan College Campus Security). In that time, it racked up some 170 miles of mostly trouble-free service.

But, as you may have noted when I introduced it, I wrote that we would be eventually replacing it with a cruiser.

Replacement time came in June, when it was discovered that the PK7 had a small but noticeable crack in the frame, rendering it unsafe to use.

Given the opportunity to select its replacement myself, I went to and ordered a Magna Rip Curl cruiser - the same basic model as the blue one I've been riding for over 2,600 miles and over three years. It does have a slightly modified frame but appears to be at least as durable, if not more so, and weighs about the same - 38 to 40 pounds.

Unlike my original model, this bicycle comes in not blue but in a metallic gunmetal gray with somewhat shocking neon green wheels, with slightly more toned-down neon cup holder and grips. If nothing else, it stands out.

I will say this for Target's shipping - turnaround time was phenomenal. The bike was ordered on July 1 and, had the campus mailroom not been closed on the 3rd, would have arrived that day.  As it was, delivery on July 7 - less than a full week after ordering - is outstanding.

Less outstanding - and making the treatment I received when I ordered my Electra earlier this year that much more appreciated - was the sorry condition the bike was in when it arrived. Examples include:

  • The fork (!) and front fender attachment points were bent and required substantial work to align.
  • Both fenders were scuffed, scratched and, in the case of the rear, dented.
  • The headset bearings were far too tight.
  • The bottom bracket had only minimal grease.
Much of this was easy to deal with; the rest took some time, and I am sure it will take time for other minor issues to show up so I can remedy those.

Since this bike will be used in all weather conditions, we have at our disposal the factory steel wheels and street-tread tires, as well as the original knobby tires from the PK7 and a set of black aluminum wheels, which can be installed for winter use.


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