The PK7 goes on patrol

NOT BAD FOR A $20 BIKE: This 2007 PK7 by Dynacraft is
the newest addition to the "patrol fleet" at the college where I
work as the supervisor of campus security. I now have a little
more than $20 in it, but not that much more. And it was worth
every penny spent.
After having put well over 1,100 miles on my personal bikes last year at work, it has been pretty well proven that using a bicycle to patrol a small college campus works out just fine.

But it works better if more than one officer can take advantage of it.

That's where my $20 PK7 (see it as-purchased here) comes in.

One of our other officers said if I brought in a bike, he'd use it. So this one came to work last week, and so far, so good.

I don't yet have proper lights or a cyclocomputer on it, but those will be forthcoming.  The first order of business was to get it rideable. That took a little doing:

  • The front derailleur was shot. Wouldn't work at all. And couldn't be made to work. So I decided to remove it ... but in order to do that, I had to literally break the damned thing off. But at least the problem is solved.
  • I didn't feel it necessary for the bike to have stiff, knobby tires when the vast majority of our riding is on pavement. So I put my decent used Bell Streamliner tires on it, only to find that the rims were too narrow, and the tubes kept getting pinched and flattened. Grrrr ... the good news is they were patchable. So I patched 'em and threw on my other new set of Kenda K80 redline tires, which are on it in the picture. Actually, they look good - and they ride much better.
  • I also replaced the saddle, which still was a literal pain in the butt, so I added a cover to it that I had on hand.  It works.
So far, Officer Chris likes it, and he'll use it until we can get another cruiser sometime this summer.


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