Getting Electra-fied with The Cardinal

Me with my new Electra Cruiser 1, a/k/a "The Cardinal"
I've been riding bikes for a looooooooong time.  Well, let me be honest: I started riding a long time ago, and then I quit after I sold my 1973 Schwinn World Voyageur in 1999. And then I started again about three years ago when I bought my 2011 Magna Rip Curl.

And since the summer of 2012, I've put 2,250 miles on the Rip Curl, and several hundred miles more on a 1986 Huffy Bay Pointe that I refurbished and sold last year and two new mountain bikes (a defective Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 that I returned, and a good Magna Great Divide for which I found a new home).

But deep down, I wanted something of higher quality.

Last Friday, I got it.

"It" is a 2015 Electra Cruiser 1, delivered in the new-for-'15 and very eye-catching Red Metallic, which, along with my long-time love of the St. Louis Cardinals, led my son to name the bike "The Cardinal."  I ordered it based only on what I know of Electra's reputation and the information on the company's website. Yes, it cost more, but I can tell you, at least at this point, it was worth it!

Everything on this bike speaks of quality, from its paint job to the little details - the smooth, even stitching on the saddle, the trim that's painted on and not cheap stickers, the intricate head badge ... it goes on and on.

The ride quality of the bike is simply incredible. The comfortable saddle, the just-right size and reach of the handlebars and the forward-positioned pedals deliver a ride that, at least from my point of view, can probably only be matched or exceeded on bikes costing much more.

I haven't put many miles on the bike as of yet, but that will certainly change as soon as we get some good weather!

For full details on the bike, check out its page, which can be accessed from the menu to the right.


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