So long, for now ...

Well, folks ... this is it: My last post.

It's been an amazing five years. What started as a hobby to keep my mind active turned into something much more than I ever dreamed it could, and for that, I thank each of you.

I've had more fun than anyone should be allowed to have, and the experience has been better than I deserved, but the time has come to bring this chapter of my life to a close. I'm very much a subscriber to the school of thought that you should always leave the people wanting a little more. And, judging from some of your comments to me via email, on here or on Facebook, that's what I've done.

That said, this is not, by any means, a goodbye. I'll still be on Facebook and Twitter. Look me up.

And I've still got email. If you've got a question from time to time, drop me a line.  I might answer you. (Of course I'll answer you. It might take a while at times, but I will. I promise.)

If you want to keep up with things that are going on in the world of broadcasting, I would like to take a moment to give you some sites that I have used and will continue to use.  These may be handy for you:

Thanks again ... and stay tuned.


Brian Miller said…
Jake-- thanks for this was really cool to have something like this in the Evansville market. I always appreciated it and was thankful for your blog post giving me credit for breaking the hotel story years ago.
Your work will be missed, Jake. Thanks for the memories.
Anonymous said…
Jake, good luck in your next step! It has been great reading your blog. Your coverage of the industry has been great and groundbreaking. Way to start something and create value...again good luck creating value in your next role. - Adam Frary

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