PADUCAH: FCC fines WDKA $1,500 for late license renewal

There are certain rules TV stations have to follow when it comes to license renewals with the FCC.

One of those is, basically, don't be late.

And while it seems all the other stations in our area got the job done in a timely fashion, one Paducah station did not, and now MyNetwork TV affiliate WDKA will have to pay up to the tune of $1,500.

According to the FCC's Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, WDKA had until April 1 of this year to turn in its renewal; however, the station didn't do so until May 6, or one month and five days later. Calling the move "an apparent willful violation" of the FCC rules, the folks in Washington have slapped on the fine.

But it could have been worse:  The standard fine for such a mistake is $3,000, but thanks to WDKA's past compliance, the FCC cut the bill in half.

WDKA now has 30 days to either pay up or file a written statement seeking further reduction or cancellation of the fine.
  • EDITOR'S NOTE: WDKA is owned by WDKA Acquisition Corporation and operated by Sinclair Broadcast Group alongside Sinclair's KBSI-FOX 23.


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