Evening Headlines - 9/3/13

Media company snatches up local TV stations as part of plan to build a national powerhouse
THE WASHINGTON POST - Most people probably wouldn’t even realize if Sinclair Broadcasting was in their living room. It’s no Facebook, after all. Or Netflix, for that matter.

‘Sesame Street’ Widens Its Focus
THE NEW YORK TIMES - On “Sesame Street,” a distressed cow has a big problem. She made it up the stairs to the beauty parlor but now, her bouffant piled high, she’s stuck. Cows can go up stairs, she moans, but not down.

REUTERS - CBS Corp won large increases in the fees it will receive from Time Warner Cable Inc in its agreement with the cable operator that ended a month-long blackout of CBS, Showtime and other channels in key cities, analysts said.

MEDIA LIFE MAGAZINE - Another week, another new network. Following the launches of Fox Sports 1 and Al Jazeera America last month, another cable network debuts this week.


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