BRIEF: Evansville still Nielsen's 104th-largest TV market

Nielsen is out with its latest list of the nation's 210 television markets, and once again Evansville is #104 on the list. According to Nielsen, our area has an estimated 288,250 TV homes, which is up by a little more than 4,200 compared to the estimated 284,040 last year.

Here's how the other markets around our region fared:

  • St. Louis remained #21.
  • Indianapolis is still #26.
  • Nashville held firm at #29.
  • Louisville dropped one spot, falling from #48 to #49.
  • Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg stays at #81.
  • Terre Haute fell from #154 to #155.
  • Bowling Green is, as before, #182.


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