Acting FCC chair to AM stations: Help is on the way

Technical restrictions would be eased, and each station could apply for an FM translator under Clyburn's proposal

Acting FCC chairwoman Mignon Clyburn delivered the keynote speech at the Radio Show in Orlando on Wednesday, and in her message to attendees, she delivered what might be considered an early Christmas present to AM station owners: Help.

AM, which has struggled in recent years to hold on to a shrinking audience due to many factors, will get a makeover if Clyburn's proposed plan is implemented. The Commission would open a filing window to allow each station to apply for one FM translator (that's an option a number of local AM stations have already taken advantage of), and would also ease technical restrictions that have hamstrung stations in the past.

Clyburn is the second FCC commissioner to openly support doing something for AM; Ajit Pai has until now led the way in pushing for something to be done.



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