Weekend Headlines - Labor Day Weekend (Aug. 31-Sept. 2, 2013)

We at JDTVB will resume our regular publishing schedule on Tuesday, Aug. 3. Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend!

WJLA Meteorologist Jacqui Jeras to Undergo Double Mastectomy
TVSPY - Jacqui Jeras, meteorologist for Washington, D.C. ABC affiliate WJLA (and formerly of WEHT and CNN) announced she’s taking time off from work to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

Retrans: When antennas help and when they don't
SNL - When it comes to retransmission consent disputes, over-the-air antennas may not be the perfect solution, but they have gotten better.

Thursday Night Is a Game Changer for NFL Network
ADWEEK - Adding five Thursday Night Football games to its lineup has paid handsome dividends for NFL Network, enabling the league’s in-house TV outlet to boost its carriage fees by as much as 41 percent.

Dr. Phil to Guest-Host 'The View' During Premiere Week
THEWRAP - "The View" will be getting some down-to-earth advice wrapped in a Southern drawl when it returns in September.

Me-TV: Ben Affleck? How About Adam West
TVNEWSCHECK - With so much talk recently about the casting of Ben Affleck as star of the upcoming Batman film,  the Me-TV diginet is taking the opportunity to promote its airings of the classic TV show.

Winfrey Revels In OWN Profitability, Ratings
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - "Oh my God, worst hairdo ever," exclaims Oprah Winfrey, catching sight of her 1990s talk-show self on an OWN office TV showing "Oprah: Where Are They Now?" But she glances approvingly at another monitor showing a Tyler Perry sitcom.


Don't forget one more headline for this weekend, Jake: the MDA Show Of Strength Sunday night is now a network program on ABC rather than on selected local stations (such as WFIE) on their previous "Love Network". It will be strange not seeing Mike Blake host the local MDA broadcast here in Evansville.

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