Weekend Headlines — Aug. 10-11, 2013

The Weather God of Oklahoma City
I had heard stories about the special powers of Gary England, Tornado Alley’s most famous weatherman: how he had tracked storms, back in the day, from a tiny attic office with a primitive radar repurposed from the nose of an airplane; how he had comforted, through the television screen, children who had been left alone in storms. As a nonresident of Oklahoma, however, I had never actually seen England’s powers in action. This changed during my first few minutes at the Channel 9 Weather Center. [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

As Speed's move to Fox Sports 1 looms, so do serious carriage problems
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series practice sessions and the Camping World Truck Series race Aug. 17 from Michigan International Speedway will be among the live telecasts on the first day Fox Sports 1 goes on air in place of the Speed cable network. And that could be a problem. [SPORTING NEWS]

FCC Chief Says She’ll Act If CBS And Time Warner Cable Don’t Resolve Dispute
It’s still a vague threat, but FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn told reporters today that she’s “ready to consider appropriate action” if CBS and Time Warner Cable don’t settle the weeklong contract dispute that has left millions of TWC subscribers unable to watch CBS and Showtime. [DEADLINE]

Joy Behar's Last Day on 'The View': Famous Friends, Co-Hosts Say Goodbye (Video)
Joan Rivers, Regis Philbin, Tony Bennett and Meredith Vieira were just a few of the famous friends who showed up to bid farewell to Joy Behar on her last episode of The View on Friday, which the show called "This Was Your Life on The View Joy Behar." [THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER]

Fuel TV Website Confirms FOX Sports 2 Rebrand
For months, the worst kept secret in sports broadcasting has been the launch of Fox Sports 2 aside Fox Sports 1 on August 17th.  Fox Sports has already announced the rebranding of Speed Channel into Fox Sports 1 and the promotional campaign is in overdrive just 9 days ahead of the launch.  However, little has been said about Fox Sports 2. [AWFUL ANNOUNCING]


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