QUICKLY: How to find FOX Sports 1 (and 2) on your cable or satellite system

FOX Sports 1 and 2 debut on Saturday, and I've been asked by several readers, "Where will I find the new channels?"

While most systems in our area will be carrying FOX Sports 1, not all will carry 2. Indeed, some companies will carry both in some areas and not in others.  (I don't know why.)

Here's the easiest way to find out which you can get and what channels they'll be on:

  1. Click over to foxsports1.com.
  2. Below the "AMERICA'S NEW 24 HOUR SPORTS NETWORK" banner, you will see an orange box with the words "Find It Now On Your TV" on the right side of your screen ... click that box.
  3. A popup will appear asking for your zip code and cable/satellite provider.  Enter that information and click "SUBMIT."
  4. The information will appear in that popup.  For example, in Owensboro on Time Warner Cable, you'd get this message: "Starting August 17, tune in to FOX Sports 1 on Time Warner Cable channel 16! And watch FOX Sports 2 on channel 177!"  You will see the information for your particular area.
If the information does not appear to be correct, contact your cable or satellite provider.


Jonathan said…
On TWC in Evansville, they've updated the channel abbreviation on the former Speed SD channel to FS1 and the former Fuel SD channel to FS2. Of course, it would make entirely too much sense to expect all to go smoothly. The former Speed HD channel (969) is now labeled as EPLE2 and all programming guide information states "Off-Air". If you tune to the channel, however, you will see FS1 programming in HD. Now, TWC, how about getting to it and finally getting Fuel, now Fox Sports 2, in HD...
Anonymous said…
On Directv in Morganfield, it's 219.

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