Morning Headlines — 8/19/13

Michael Savage Says He'll Get Hannity's Slot At Cumulus, Report Says Cumulus To Re-Up For Rush Limbaugh
ALL ACCESS — The latest rumor in the saga of Premiere's negotiations with Cumulus Media over the carriage of the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shows is the proclamation by Cumulus Media Networks' Michael Savage that he will take over Hannity's time slot on Cumulus stations, while Politico's Dylan Byers reports that sources tell him Cumulus will sign up to continue to carry Limbaugh's show on its stations.

Smulyan's Persistence Pays Off
RADIO INK — At times it looked like Jeff Smulyan was all alone. And that includes the radio industry. Smulyan's dogged determination to get FM chips in cell phones had become an obsession. Not only was he a one-man band pushing his chip idea to anyone who would listen, he was being laughed at and mocked by some in the wireless industry who said if the consumer wanted FM radio on their phones they would ask for it.

MTV Renews ‘Real World' for 29th Season
BROADCASTING & CABLE — MTV has renewed its long-running reality franchise The Real World for a 29th season to premiere in 2014, a network spokesperson confirmed. The next season will take place in San Francisco, where the series also filmed its third season. Its June finale for the most recent season in Portland averaged 1.05 million total viewers.

NPR Executive Producer Teshima Walker Dies at 44
RADIO ONLINE — The award-winning executive producer of NPR's "Tell Me More," Teshima Walker, died Friday morning at age 44 after a two-year battle with colon cancer. Since 2011, Walker was the executive producer for NPR's midday news program.


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