IT'S A GO: FOX Sports 1 and 2 to launch on all major carriers

FOX Sports 1 (formerly Speed) and FOX Sports 2 (ex-FUEL) will be offered by all major satellite and cable providers, it was announced Thursday morning.

The new sports channels, set to launch Saturday, had been in jeopardy of not launching on biggies like Time Warner Cable, DirecTV and Dish Network, but the three companies reached deals with FOX, avoiding any gap in service.

Other companies with deals to carry the new network in our part of the country include Comcast and Mediacom. Outside our area, Charter, Cox, Cablevision, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse, Suddenlink and Bright House will also carry it.

For providers in our area not listed above, you should contact them to ask if they will carry the channel. Here are their contact numbers:

  • BRANDENBURG TELECOM — (888) 830-2682
  • FUTIVA — (800) 447-8725
  • INSIDE CONNECT — (855) 55-CABLE (22253)
  • KENTUCKY TELEPHONE — (270) 259-8504
  • METRONET — (877) 407-3224
  • NEWWAVE — (888) 863-9928
  • PSC — (800) 511-4899
  • RTC TELEVISION — (800) 272-2356
  • SMITHVILLE — (800) 742-4084
  • SUMMIT DIGITAL — (888) 600-5040
  • US SONET — (618) 548-6909
  • WIN — (888) 878-2120
  • WOW — (866) 496-9669
  • ZITO MEDIA — (800) 365-6988


The other question to ask about Fox Sports 1 & 2: On any given cable or satellite provider, are the two channels available on the same programming tier as ESPN & ESPN2; or will the new Fox Sports channels be on a higher-priced programming tier? I believe the answer to this question may determine whether or not these two new channels will succeed.
Jacob Newkirk said…
My understanding - and this may be incorrect - is that they're making a straight swap for SPEED and FUEL, which *should* put the channels on the same tier(s) as those two. Not all carriers will do that, and that's their right, but FOX should be working to make it more palatable to keep them in those slots, if at all possible.
Anonymous said…
So, will Fox Sports 2 be available in HD? Its predecessor has only been available in SD on both Insight and TWC in the Evansville area.
Jacob Newkirk said…
I wouldn't count on it, at least right away. As I've said, from what I understand, FOX is after a straight swap, which means if FUEL has been SD before, FS2 will likely be as well. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised, but am prepared for it not to be.

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