Friday Headlines - 8/23/13

Moonves: Verizon Deal Proof It's Them, Not Us
TVNEWSCHECK - CBS CEO Leslie Moonves says its newly signed retransmission consent agreement with Verizon FiOS shows that CBS is "prepared to move decisively and thoughtfully to achieve a good conclusion" with all cable and satellite operators.

TWC Offers Customers Free Antennas During Retrans Battle
MEDIAPOST - Time Warner Cable (TWC) will offer free antennas starting Friday, allowing customers to receive blacked-out CBS stations over the air. Customers will be able to collect them at local TWC offices.

Super Bowl Ads: Fox Seeks $4M for 30-Second Slot in Big Game
VARIETY - Fox is seeking around $4 million for the privilege of running a 30-second spot in Super Bowl XLVIII, according to buyers and other executives familiar with the situation, a slight tick up from the average price secured by CBS – between $3.7 million and $3.8 million – in 2013.


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