FCC Report — 8/16/13

FM Station Applications for Assignment of License Accepted for Filing
WQKZ, 98.5 FM, Ferdinand, Ind.; GEM Communications LLP. Voluntary Assignment of License from GEM Broadcasting, LLP to Jasper On The Air, Inc. (EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a corporate reorganization only; GEM is already wholly owned by Jasper On The Air and will be dissolved upon the approval of this transfer.)
AM Station Applications for Modification of License Accepted for Filing
WNQM, 1300 AM, Nashville, Tenn.; WNQM, Inc. License to modify.
FM Translator Applications for Original Construction Permit Accepted for Filing
NEW, 103.3 FM, Madisonville, Ky.; Starboard Media Foundation, Inc. CP New Station. Petitions to deny this application must be on file no later than 15 days from the date of the notice accepting this application for filing.
NEW, 97.7 FM, Bowling Green, Ky.; same as above.


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