FCC Report — 8/14/13

FM Translator Applications for Original Construction Permit Tendered for Filing
NEW, 93.3 FM, Cannelton, Ind.; WLME, Inc. CP New Station. Petitions to deny this application must be on file no later than 15 days from the date of the notice accepting this application for filing.


Anonymous said…
Why does WLME need a translator in Cannelton? Or, is this the translator that is hoped for WTCJ....ultimately? Just wondering? Seems like one entity is hogging up all the available frequency around that area. Monopoly or what?
Jacob Newkirk said…
Quite honestly, I don't know that it is for WLME per se; it could be for any of the Cromwell-owned stations. The translator for WTCJ is actually 103.7 unless the FCC says otherwise in the end.

When frequencies come open, everyone has the same access to them. Around that particular part of the Tri-State, it does appear that Cromwell is the only interested party. Why that is, I don't know.
Jim Ford said…
If I had the money, I would buy WTCJ-AM and the CP for an FM translator. I live in Tell City, and the station is pathetic. There is no local presence. When they do local news, its Owensboro stuff. No one that I know in Tell City listens to the station. And if they once did, they haven't listened in years. Someone needs to buy it and make it a local station with local information, weather, sports.
Jacob Newkirk said…
Jim, I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree! WTCJ can and, more importantly, SHOULD be the voice of Tell City and Perry County, and as you've stated, it is not. My sincere hope is that it someday can be once again.

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