FCC Report — 8/13/13

FM Station Applications for Minor Change to a Licensed Facility Accepted for Filing
WYTJ, 89.3 FM, Linton, Ind.; Bethel Baptist Church. Minor change in licensed facilities. (Applicant requests permission to increase effective radiated power from 1 kW to 1.38 kW, using the same site, tower and height as currently licensed.) 
AM Station Applications for Modification of License Accepted for Filing
KJSL, 630 AM, St. Louis, Mo.; WMUZ Radio, Inc. License to modify.
Low Power/Television Translators: Proposed Construction Permits
The television translator and low power television applications below have been accepted for filing. These applications are not mutually exclusive with other LPTV and TV translator:
NEW, ch. 14, Evansville, Ind.; DTV America 1, LLC. (Applicant proposes a 3 kW television station broadcasting from the tower currently used by WTVW near Chandler, Ind.)
WKUT-LD, ch. 32, Bowling Green, Ky.; Budd Broadcasting Co., Inc. (Applicant  is currently licensed for 15 kW directional on channel 25; this would switch the station to channel 32 at a lower power of 13.5 kW nondirectional.)


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