Evening Headlines — 8/8/13

EDITOR'S NOTE: I do not agree with NYDN's headline below. Time Warner Cable cannot and does not, under the terms of its contracts, "threaten to pull" any channel. Those of you who know me, you're well aware that I don't like TWC, but let's set the record straight: If TWC is unable to reach a new carriage contract with a network or networks, those networks, by law, must come off the cable system unless or until a new agreement can be hammered out. TWC doesn't do it unilaterally - and the same goes for other cable and satellite companies, so DON'T be fooled when you're told they do!

Time Warner Cable threatens to pull dozens more channels  
For a company with “Time” in its name, Time Warner Cable sure has a lousy sense of timing. In the heat of its nasty contractual dispute with CBS — which has left millions of subscribers without the Eye Network and Showtime for nearly a week — the cable giant is now threatening to yank a slew of other channels. According to a legal notice the cable giant quietly posted in newspapers Wednesday (including the Daily News), its deals with more than 50 channels are due to expire soon, “and we may be required to cease carriage of one or more of these ... stations in the near future.” [NEW YORK DAILY NEWS]

'Two and a Half Men': Amber Tamblyn to play Charlie's lesbian daughter
Amber Tamblyn will join the two remaining men of Two and a Half Men on the small screen this fall. The actress has nabbed a role on the Chuck Lorre comedy, playing Jenny, the lesbian illegitimate daughter of the late Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen). [ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY]

NBC News Veteran John Seigenthaler Is Latest Al-Jazeera U.S. Hire
Al-Jazeera America, the fledgling U.S. cable-news outlet backed with big money from its international news-gathering parent, said it had hired former NBC News veteran John Seigenthaler, the latest in a series of big hires as the networks moves toward an August 20 launch. [VARIETY]


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