Evening Headlines - 8/26/13

WTHR to boost tower power on signal gripes
INDIANAPOLIS BUSINESS JOURNAL - The city’s top-rated news station wants to crank up its signal, saying it’s had more than 40 complaints about reception from over-the-air viewers since the conversion to all-digital broadcasting.

101ESPN Announces 2013-14 Rams Radio Analysts
RADIO ONLINE - Hubbard Radio's WXOS-FM (101ESPN)/St. Louis, the flagship station for St. Louis Rams football, has announced the 2013-2014 Rams radio analysts and insiders team.

Are ads ruining baseball on the radio?
CNN - Baseball. The radio. Summer. There is something about the connection between the three of them that nothing can tear apart.

Linda Ronstadt Reveals She Has Parkinson's Disease
ALL ACCESS - Linda Ronstadt has said in an interview with AARP that she is battling Parkinson’s Disease and is unable to sing.


On the CNN story about baseball's radio broadcasts and the annoying drop-in ads: I've listened to pretty much every MLB team's radio broadcast on SiriusXM; and when it comes to drop-in ads, the Cubs Radio Network is by far the worst. I only need to give you one example: "All Cubs runs driven in are brought to you by..." Really?? That sponsor actually drove in those Cubs runs??
Jacob Newkirk said…
That's more believable, isn't it??? ;-)

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