Evening Headlines — 8/21/13

Weather Network Looking To Defy Forecasts
MEDIAPOST — No matter how far-fetched breakout success might be — or even getting off the ground — media entrepreneurs should generally be applauded. Where would cable TV be without Ted Turner and Bill Rasmussen (the ESPN founder) gambling all those years ago? So, why not appreciate the dreams of a group looking to challenge the Weather Channel by focusing on, well, weather? No programming about the Coast Guard in Alaska or guys hunting icebergs. Apparently, the emphasis will be on just reporting the weather – what’s happening and what’s coming.

Sony to launch PlayStation 4 on Nov. 15
USA TODAY — We now have a launch date for Sony's upcoming PlayStation 4 video game console. During a press conference at the Gamescom event in Germany, Sony revealed the PS4 will launch in North America on November 15, and Nov. 29 in Europe. The console will sell for $399.

Big Owners Worried Over UHF Discount
TVNEWSCHECK — With the FCC making clear that it is likely to shut down a long-time loophole in its national ownership cap, some broadcasters are scrambling to ensure that their clients don’t get caught in the regulatory squeeze.

Al Jazeera America Sues AT&T Over Its Refusal to Carry the Network
THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER — Al Jazeera America has filed a lawsuit against AT&T over its refusal to carry the new cable news network. Late Monday, the cable provider dropped Current, which switched over to Al Jazeera at 3 p.m. ET on Tuesday, meaning U-verse subscribers had no access to the new channel.


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