Evening Headlines — 8/20/13

Before we get to this evening's edition of Headlines, a quick note of interest to some: The owners of now-defunct WAZE (pardon me, it's just "temporarily ceased operations," permanently, but don't tell the FCC, wink wink nudge nudge ...) have once again somehow landed on Black Enterprise's list of the Top 100 African-American-owned businesses. This year The Roberts Companies came in at #64 on the list, despite having blundered into more bankruptcy filings than Quaker has oats. It's mentioned briefly in The St. Louis American.

Anyway, now on with the rest of the day's news:

Ex-Lawmaker Sees New Roadblock for FCC Picks
INSIDE RADIO — The Obama administration has announced plans to expand a federal internet program for schools and that could sideline the President’s two nominees to join the Federal Communications Commission.  Speaking at a Technology Policy Institute conference yesterday in Aspen, Colo., former Rep. Tom Tauke (R-Iowa) said the White House may “derail” the FCC nominations of Tom Wheeler and Mike O’Reilly.

ABC And CBS News Both Gaining Ground
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS — Evening newscasts on ABC and CBS are both gaining ground on market leader Brian Williams of NBC News, but that's one of the few things they have in common.

Big Changes, Familiar Voices Coming To WGN
ALL ACCESS — The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Tribune's Talk WGN-AM will unveil a revamped lineup under GM Jimmy de Castro, with a host of familiar names returning to the station on Sept. 3, with plans to find an FM frequency for additional programming in the works as well.


Jim Ford said…
As far as Talk radio goes, I've always admired WGN's Full Service friendlier approach to the format. I wish more radio stations were like WGN.

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