Evening Headlines — 8/15/13

Radio Industry Delivers FM-enabled Smartphone App
Sprint has announced today it will begin installing the NextRadio application in a broad array of FM-enabled wireless devices over the coming years, allowing consumers to listen to their local radio stations on their smartphones. The announcement also marks the official launch of NextRadio, the smartphone app that delivers an interactive artist and ad experience to FM-enabled smartphones.

Time Warner Cable Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over CBS Blackout
The fee dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS has prompted a class-action lawsuit by subscribers upset over paying for channels they don't receive. In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court by lead plaintiffs James Armstrong, Michael Pourtemour and Vatsana Bilavarn, the Southern California residents say they were enticed into subscribing to TWC service by the promise of CBS-owned channels CBS, Showtime, Movie Channel and Los Angeles station KCAL but have been unable to access them due to the two-week blackout.

Regis Philbin’s Talk Now Turns to Sports
On the expansive patio of their stone colonial-style mansion — which has a pool, tennis court, gym and wine cellar named for his idol Dean Martin — Regis Philbin asked his wife, Joy, “What have we been doing for the last year and a half?”

Reality Star Gia Allemand Commits Suicide
Gia Allemand, who was the girlfriend of NBA Pelicans player Ryan Anderson and appeared on ABC's "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad," has died, her publicist said Wednesday. She was 29.

Satellite Pioneer Robert Wold Dies At 87
Robert N. Wold, who left a successful career as an advertising executive to become a pioneer in the use of satellite technology for broadcasting, died Saturday, Aug. 10, in Irvine, Calif. He was 87. 


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