Evening Headlines — 8/12/13

Time Warner Cable: Still No Credits for Loss of CBS Stations
Time Warner Cable reiterated that it will not issue credits to 3 million-plus customers related to the blackout of CBS stations in New York, L.A. and Dallas — which is now in Day 11 — while it will credit Showtime subscribers who have lost the network. [VARIETY]

Pujols says he'll sue; Clark, Slaten lose radio jobs
Former Cardinals icon Albert Pujols said late Friday that he plans to sue former Cardinal Jack Clark, as well as those connected with the St. Louis radio station on which he appears, for Clark’s on-air steroids allegations about Pujols. Then shortly after midnight Saturday morning, the company that has put Clark and co-host Kevin Slaten on the air abruptly announced they will not be returning — after just seven shows. [ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH]

Amelia Earhart admits she’s not kin to famed aviatrix
Denver’s Amelia Earhart, a traffic reporter for KUSA, has always claimed a distant family relationship with her namesake. On Friday she admitted they’re not related. [THE DENVER POST]

Colin Cowherd Lends Voice to Disney's ''Planes''
Colin Cowherd is taking his voice, heard daily on "The Herd with Colin Cowherd," to new heights. The ESPN Radio host is part of the cast of Disney's 3D-animated comedy, "Planes," which landed in theatres Friday. Cowherd provides the voice for affable blimp, "Colin Cowling," who has quite the backstory. [RADIO ONLINE]

Fox TV Studios In Talks To Produce NBC’s Controversial Hillary Clinton Miniseries
Fox TV Studios, division of News Corp.’s 21 Century Fox and a sister company of Fox News, is in discussions with NBC about coming on board to produce the network’s recently announced 4-hour miniseries Hillary, about Hillary Clinton, that has Diane Lane attached to star as the former First Lady and Secretary of State. [DEADLINE]


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