Don't mess with ... Missouri? St. Louis station rejects Texas guv's ads

AT IT AGAIN: Texas Gov. Rick Perry (left) is once more trying
to poach businesses from other states with radio ads, but this time
he's messed with the wrong station as KTRS in St. Louis has
pulled the ads from its airwaves. Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon(right)
says the GOP leader's priorities are all wrong.
Missouri's governor decries Perry's "state-against-state pettiness"

Not too long ago, Texas Gov. Rick Perry put some commercials on the air in Illinois aimed at luring businesses in the Prairie State to the Lone Star State.

That didn't go over too well (particularly with Illinois leaders), but it appears the one-time GOP presidential candidate didn't learn his lesson ... and now he's back with similar spots in Missouri. But at least one St. Louis radio station has decided to send Perry a message: "Don't mess with Missouri, and don't mess with St. Louis."

KTRS (550 AM) pulled the spots - which were apparently passed off as tourism commercials - after station management heard their message and took umbrage. "We understand people have different viewpoints on public policy and we welcome that debate everyday on our airways," wrote KTRS GM Mark Dorsey on the station's website. "But as one of the few remaining locally owned radio stations in the country, we feel the need to stand strong with other small locally owned business and defend our region."

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon stood with KTRS Monday morning in an interview and suggested Texas' chief executive quit trying to play games. "Anybody who thinks that the future is going to be made by state-against-state pettiness doesn't understand that there are factories opening up in China, that there are kids in school in France, that we have to compete to win the future," Nixon said.

One can only wonder if Indiana or Kentucky will be next on Perry's hit list.  (Given that Indiana is run by a fellow Republican, it seems the Hoosier State might be safe ... or is it???)

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