Calif. Senators join chorus urging end to TWC/CBS dispute

Boxer and Feinstein: "The status quo is unfair" to viewers

California's two U.S. Senators have chimed in regarding the nearly two-week-long carriage dispute that has blacked out CBS programming on Time Warner Cable in several major U.S. cities (New York, Dallas and Los Angeles) and Showtime, TMC and other cable networks across the nation (including here in the Tri-State).

The Los Angeles Times reports that Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein sent a letter to both TWC's boss, Glenn Britt, and CBS' top dog, Les Moonves, encouraging them to come together for the good of their customers.

“Millions of customers in the Los Angeles area and throughout the country have subscribed to receive the programming CBS networks create and Time Warner Cable distributes, but are unable to access it because of this standoff,” they wrote. “The status quo is unfair to the millions of your customers who are caught in the middle of your dispute, and we strongly encourage both sides to resolve it immediately.”

Boxer and Feinstein are just the latest Democrats in Washington to enter the fray; last week, newly-minted Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) urged the FCC to take action, and interim FCC chief Mignon Clyburn, saying she was "deeply disappointed" and "really distressed" by the companies' inability to come to a new deal without incurring a blackout, hinted that action could come if the two sides do not reach an agreement soon.

It's not immediately clear what sort of action the Commission might take, or how "soon" any action might come.


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