A week in, Dish says it's ready to sign a new Raycom deal, but ...

"Dish is ready to sign a deal right now if Raycom will match the words in the contract with its message to viewers. Raycom has publicly told its viewers that they are willing to give Dish the same deal as other providers. All we're asking is for Raycom to put that on paper and we're ready to sign the deal now."
SRUTA VOOTUKURU, Dish Network director of programming

Last night marked one week since this mess escalated into a blackout. Dish has replaced the Raycom stations with WGN, and Raycom has been mute on the subject of further negotiations. They do, however, continue running the same message on air ... to people who can now no longer see it, unless they've found an alternative method of watching (and many have not, judging by comments on Facebook).

Stalemate?  Sure sounds like the definition of one to me.


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