5th Anniversary Headlines — 8/8/13

Today marks the fifth anniversary of JDTVB. Founded to chronicle the DTV transition through my eyes, JDTVB has grown, matured and changed during its five years in cyberspace, and continues to inform readers across the Tri-State and beyond.

On that first day, I posted a list of channels I'd received, a story about Bob Barker doing DTV transition PSAs, and then, to top it off, I reviewed the Venturer DTV converter box. (Is anyone else still using theirs? I have one, but no longer use it regularly.)

Here are some "vital statistics" on JDTVB which might interest you (or not, but here you go anyway):
  • In JDTVB's first month, I posted 16 stories. Nowadays, there are typically between 90 and 125 stories a month.
  • For the month of July 2009, 9,788 visits were recorded during the first month Google kept records for this site. So far this year, JDTVB is getting an average of 32,777 hits a month. The record-high month was January 2012, when 50,718 visits were recorded. (Last month was 38,861.)
  • JDTVB recorded its 1 millionth view on July 9, 2013.
And I couldn't have reached any of these milestones without YOU, so for your readership, your interaction and your continued support over the past five years, I humbly thank you.

Now, here are the headlines for this morning:

Once and for all, Sinclair is not looking to jump ship from the broadcast side and turn into a player in the cable world. David Smith, Sinclair president-CEO, made that crystal clear during this morning's second-quarter earnings conference call with analysts and investors. "If and when we close on the Allbritton transaction," Sinclair CEO David Smith said Wednesday, "we're being handed an asset that's completely undeveloped. It's no more complicated than taking a television show and distributing it across the country. We view as an opportunity to take our local news platforms ... and expand them in lots of other venues." [TVNEWSCHECK]

As if Charlie Rose didn't have enough jobs, he's adding a fourth one. The 71-year-old talk show host will oversee "Charlie Rose The Week," a 30-minute weekly program looking back at events in politics, business, sports, culture and the arts that will air on PBS. [BOSTON HERALD]

The board of directors of the CBS Television Network Affiliates Association today came out in support of CBS Corp. in its retransmission consent dispute with Time Warner Cable. [TVNEWSCHECK]

An FCC spokesman signaled late Wednesday that the FCC could take some action if the CBS/Time Warner Cable isn't resolved soon. "The Commission reminds the parties of their obligation to negotiate in good faith for the benefit of consumers.  We are in regular contact with the parties and stand ready to take appropriate action if the dispute continues," said the spokesman. He would not elaborate on what that might mean, but FCC Acting Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn is on the record as not being partial to negotiating tactics that delay blackout resolution. [BROADCASTING & CABLE]


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