Turpen applies to move W249BP to Boonville

FM translator will simulcast WBNL

UPDATE #2, 6:10 p.m.: Blaine Thompson writes in with an important clarification - translators do NOT have to serve their community of license. That is only true of a "normal" station. Thanks to Blaine for the new info!

UPDATE, 1:45 p.m.: Regular reader Northov_Henderson points out that the application for the move still uses Princeton as W249BP's community of license, despite the fact that Princeton is well outside the relocated facility's 60dBu contour. I believe this may be amended in short order.

Indiana RadioWatch reported yesterday that Turpen Communications has applied to move its recently-acquired FM translator, W249BP (97.7 FM), to Boonville, where it will — as previously predicted — serve as a translator for Turpen's WBNL (1540 AM).

The application specifies that W249BP will broadcast with an effective radiated power of 250 watts from an existing tower on Rockport Rd. south of Indiana 62 on the east side of the Warrick County seat. According to the filing, the tower is owned by the Boonville Natural Gas Corporation.

When WBNL returns to the FM airwaves, it will be the first time for the station to do so since its former counterpart — now WEJK (107.1 FM) — was sold over a decade ago.

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Uh-oh!! It appears that the application in Section I Row 4 Part b states that the "Community......to which the proposed facility will be licensed" is still Princeton; but the new location of the translator (Boonville) has Princeton well outside of the 60 dBu service contour.
Jacob Newkirk said…
I look for them to amend that in short order.
Jacob Newkirk said…
Also, the exhibit posted with this mentions a waiver that I am not familiar with (the Mattoon Waiver) specifically. That could apply in this instance; I'll have to do more research.

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