UPDATED 7/23/13: Powerline returns to the airwaves — will be heard in the Tri-State on WIKY

UPDATE, 1:40 p.m., 7/23/13: Powerline will begin airing on WIKY this coming Sunday (7/28/13) from 4 to 8 a.m. CT.

UPDATE, 11:10 a.m.: WIKY will not begin airing Powerline immediately, according to program director Mark Elliott. Elliott said he will give us a full update as soon as he has an official start date and times on 104 FM. Stay tuned!

As I told you at the end of May, The Tom Kent Radio Network (TKRN) has relaunched Powerline, hosted by Brother Jon Rivers, and on Friday, TKRN announced that South Central Media-owned WIKY (104.1 FM, Evansville) is one of the inaugural group of stations to carry the revived radio show.

Powerline was a staple at Top 40 radio in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and was hosted worldwide on over 2,000 stations by Rivers. The program will air on Sunday mornings as weekend Sunday programming playing Classic Hits and Gold Based AC hits with an inspirational message.

"When my dear friend Tom Kent offered me a chance to help bring back the show it was a joyous day!" Rivers said in a press release. "I have admired Tom for even longer than I hosted Powerline. Everything he has ever done has been compelling and entertaining. It is a pleasure to work with him again and to at last get back on the Powerline!"

"Brother Jon Rivers is not only an iconic great air talent -- but also one of the best people I’ve ever known in this business. He’s a good guy with a tremendous passion for delivering excellent radio and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have Brother Jon in our ever expanding talent pool," added TKRN president and CEO Tom Kent.
In addition to TKRN's newest program, WIKY also broadcasts The Ultimate Party with Tom Kent every Saturday night beginning at 6 p.m. CT.


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