Morning Headlines — 7/24/13

CBS-Time Warner Cable Retrans Dispute: Deadline Extended, but Rhetoric Heats Up
The retransmission standoff between CBS and Time Warner Cable took a couple of new turns on Tuesday, with the deadline to avoid a possible blackout extended by a day, even as the rhetoric heats up, with CBS Corporation president and CEO Leslie Moonves blasting TWC's compensation rates. [THEWRAP]

Carson 'Tonight' Highlights Available Online
Heeeere's Johnny on iTunes! For the first time, content from "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" is available for digital download. [AP/TVNEWSCHECK]

Authorities: Shawnee Suicidal Man Fired Shot At SkyNews 9
SHAWNEE, Oklahoma - Bob Mills SkyNews 9 HD and Jim Gardner were in the line of fire during a standoff with a suicidal man in Shawnee last Friday. [KWTV]

NAB Launches Mental Health Education Campaign
The NAB says a new survey reveals two-thirds of young adults have personal experience with mental health problems, so the group has released a new PSA campaign featuring teens and young adults opening up about their experiences with mental illness. [RADIO INK]


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