Friday Headlines — 7/26/13

NAB Throws Support Behind Violence Bill
CEO Gordon Smith says it’s in favor of Rockefeller’s Violent Content Research Act of 2013. “Broadcasters support community decency standards attendant to our broadcast licenses.” [TVNEWSCHECK]

CBS, Time Warner Cable Extend Deadline In Distribution Dispute
The parties again have set a new deadline to settle their retransmission consent battle: This time it’s 5PM ET on Monday. The fight involves CBS-owned stations that reach some 3.5M Time Warner Cable homes, primarily in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas. [DEADLINE]

Sirius XM revenue jumps 12%
Buoyed by the addition of 715,000 new subscribers in the second quarter, Sirius XM Radio revenue leapt 12% to $940 million from $838 million in the second quarter of 2012. [INSIDE RADIO]

Rep. Mel Watt Announces Another Try At A Performance Royalty Bill
Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) announced Thursday that he plans to introduce another performance royalty bill this year.  Watt has previously introduced similar measures to require radio stations to pay royalties to performers for music they play and has long been vocal about his perception that radio needs to pay performance royalties. [ALL ACCESS]

Meredith Prepared To Buy More Stations
Add Meredith (owner of Nashville NBC affiliate WSMV) to the list of potential broadcast consolidators. Stephen Lacy, Meredith's CEO, said the company is open to acquisition opportunities but indicated it's unlikely to get into a bidding war with peers. [TVNEWSCHECK]


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