FCC Report — 7/16/13: Commission denies NewWave's request for EAS waiver

When the Federal Communications Commission required that Emergency Alert System (EAS) participants have new equipment installed before June 30 of last year, most of them had no problem getting that job done.

NewWave Communications, which serves several area cities and towns, was among several groups and companies which was unable to get its equipment purchased and installed in time in parts of its coverage area (specifically, in four communities north and northwest of the Tri-State). Accordingly, the company filed a request for a waiver, and now, a year later, the FCC has acted on that request.

And the answer?  A resounding "No."

In the order, released by the Commission today, it is noted that the applicants all had sufficient time to order their equipment for installation prior to the deadline, but delayed in doing so. In NewWave's case, it didn't try to order the equipment for its Brazil, Clinton, Ashdown and Coatesville systems until April 2012, at which time it was backordered. The company eventually ordered the equipment two months later, although it wasn't installed in time.

"[W]e find that the lack of due diligence shown by the Petitioners to obtain the required equipment in a timely fashion is inconsistent with the public interest and thus offers no justification for the requested waiver," wrote David Turetsky, chief of the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.


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