Evening Headlines — 7/23/13

LPTV Deserves Opportunity To Be Heard
When the House Communications Subcommittee convenes today to learn more about the FCC's planned incentive auction, no representative of the low-power television indusry will be heard. That's wrong. "It is the only group that has nothing to gain and everything to lose, especially if the repack is as aggressive as some would like it to be." [TVNEWSCHECK COMMENTARY]

TV station taps copyright law to erase embarrassing broadcast
A San Francisco Bay Area television station that became world famous for a humiliating gaffe during a news broadcast about a deadly plane crash is apparently trying to erase the event through copyright law. [CNET]

Fox Viewers May Be Graying, but Their Passion Still Pays
Fox News continues to be near the top in cable television in terms of the number of viewers it attracts, but it is near the top in another category, too: the median age of its audience is among the oldest in television. [NY TIMES]

After Arrest in Prostitution Sting, David Baer Out at WHP
TVSpy has confirmed David Baer is no longer working at Harrisburg, PA, CBS affiliate WHP. The Sentinel reports the news director was apparently fired after his arrest for allegedly soliciting prostitution in June. (Baer was a former ND at WRTV in Indianapolis.) [TVSPY]


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