Evening Headlines — 7/10/13

Live From the Oval Office: A Backdrop of History Fades From TV
At historic moments in the television age, past American presidents turned to the Oval Office as their stage. Dwight D. Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy interrupted prime-time shows to tell Americans from the Oval Office why they had ordered troops to desegregate schools. Bill Clinton broke into programming from behind the presidential desk three times in a month to explain military actions in Haiti and Iraq. Ronald Reagan, the telegenic former actor, set the record for evening addresses from the Oval Office desk: 29 over two terms. [NY Times]

A Buyout That Makes You Wonder Who Wins
Here are two things you don't see often in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Shares of Belo Corp., the Dallas-based owner of television stations, are trading for more than the takeover offer the company agreed to last month. And shares of the buyer, Gannett Co., have increased even more in value. [Bloomberg]

Networks Cleaning Up Again With Their Daytime Soaps
Don’t plan on anyone popping the daytime soap bubble anytime soon. There may only be four left on ABC, CBS and NBC, but they are holding onto their audience. In fact, for the first time in memory, each of these shows — which have been around for a combined 144 years — actually posted quarterly ratings gains vs. the previous year. [Variety]

ESPN Takes A Hit As Q2 Ratings Dive 32% Over 2012
Is the Worldwide Leader looking over its shoulder? Two months after laying off hundreds of staffers and three weeks before the launch of Fox’s rival sports network, ESPN saw its second-quarter ratings plunge compared with last year. Sports Business Daily reports that the Disney-owned sports behemoth saw a 32% ratings dive for the April-to-June period versus the same period in 2012. [Deadline]


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