Williams' sentencing delayed until October

WVMC owner facing 40 years after pleading guilty to federal charges

WSJD (100.5 FM) in Mt. Carmel reports this morning that Kevin Williams, a Mt. Carmel accountant who owns WVMC (1360 AM) in the Wabash County seat, won't be sentenced in September after all.

Williams, 53, who pleaded guilty to federal money laundering and wire fraud charges earlier this month, will instead be sentenced on Oct. 24 in Benton, Ill.

He faces up to 40 years in prison.

The reason for the delay isn't immediately known, but WSJD also reports that Williams is scheduled to stand trial in Wabash County Circuit Court on Oct. 7. In that case, he is charged with violating an order of protection, which is a misdemeanor. That trial is expected to last just a couple of days.

EDITOR'S NOTE: While Williams does own WVMC, he was in the process of selling the station to W. Russell Withers, Jr., and it has been run by Withers alongside WYNG (94.9 FM) since 2010.  However, for reasons which are still not clear, Greenfield, Ind. "broadcasting gadfly" Marty Hensley (Radio Journal's words, not mine) turned in the license and threw the station's long-term future into doubt. That situation remains unresolved at the FCC.


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