Will Charter be next to buy — or sell?

Time Warner Cable says it's not interested in being
bought out by Charter, but it looks like the smaller

company is in full growth mode. So who will fall under
John Malone's sway? Analysts have thrown some
names out there, like Cox, Mediacom and Suddenlink.
Company said to have discussed buying out giant Time Warner Cable

Multiple reports are out there this morning that Charter Communications is interested in growing again — and growing much larger, at that.

Bloomberg, CNBC, Multichannel News and others are reporting that the formerly-St. Louis-area-based cable company (which once had operations in the Tri-State, and still does just to our west) made overtures toward Time Warner Cable (which now is the top dog in cable here), with the intent of purchasing the larger company.

TWC isn't interested in being bought out by a smaller outfit, but that didn't stop both companies' stocks from jumping on the news.

So what might be a better fit for Charter? Some analysts suggest smaller operators like Mediacom, Cox and Suddenlink would be more attractive targets for Liberty Media's John Malone, who wants Charter to grow and make his 27% stake in the company more lucrative. Perhaps even Sikeston, Mo.-based NewWave might be on that list.

Which would put Charter right back into the Tri-State once more, as much of NewWave's footprint is made up of former Charter systems.

Will it happen?

We shall see.

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