Oops: 14 posts wrong Natcher on Facebook

Right story, wrong map: Work's being done on the Natcher BRIDGE,
not the Natcher PARKWAY.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a continuation of a discussion that began Sunday evening on JDTVB's Facebook page. If you'd like to chime in, feel free to join the conversation!)

On Sunday, 14 NEWS posted a link on Facebook to a story about cable maintenance work on the William H. Natcher Bridge that's getting underway northeast of Owensboro.

There was just one problem: The map the station posted on Facebook pointed to the William H. Natcher Parkway near Hartford, a good many miles from the actual work zone.

The station later removed the incorrect map and posted the right one, but is there more to it than that?

To this writer, yes.

I feel it is emblematic of 14's focus of late on posting stories on Facebook that have zero relevance to the Tri-State area taking away from what does get posted from around here. And it's not just 14; it seems to be a Raycom Media thing; the company's stations in Louisville (WAVE) and Cape Girardeau (KFVS) are doing it, too. You've noticed it, and in fact, some of you have complained to me about it.

Well, it looks like, at least this morning, your complaints have been heard to some degree, as 14 has begun posting where a story came from, such as "our sister station in Michigan" or "our sister station in Connecticut."

That's a good start, but is it good enough?

I'll leave that for you to decide.


Anonymous said…
I monitor every Raycom station in the nation, so this is especially annoying to me.

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