Newton, Ill. NOAA Weather Radio transmitter off the air ... again

It's like a broken record lately: When bad weather is projected, the NOAA Weather Radio transmitter in Newton, Ill. goes down.  (OK, so maybe not every time, but it does seem to be happening all too often.)

And it's happened again this afternoon. KXI-48, which operates on 162.45 MHz, is out of commission, reports the Central Illinois office of the National Weather Service, because of a phone line issue.

In the Tri-State, the transmitter serves the following Tri-State counties in Southeastern Illinois: Clay, Edwards, Lawrence, Richland and Wayne.

NOAA Weather Radio users in Clay, Lawrence and Richland counties do not have an alternative channel to use, but if you are in Edwards County, you may tune your weather radios to the Evansville transmitter (KIG-76, 162.55 MHz) and in Wayne County you may tune to Salem (KXI-49, 162.475 MHz).

NWS Central Illinois should put the word out when service is restored. Check with their website and Facebook page regularly for the latest information.


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