Morning Headlines for 6/6/13

Louisville Radio Stations Add RDS
Louisville-area correspondent Dave Poland tells us that the former Cox (now SummitMedia) stations (WQNU, WSFR, WVEZ and WRKA) as well as "Louie FM" (WLUE) have recently begun using RDS to display their call letters and, in some cases, song titles on radios that can decode the service. That's becoming more common elsewhere, including here, where a number of stations have the technology. [Dave Checks In]

TV Nudity On the Rise: Study
Shows like “The Bachelor” and “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers” are blurring the lines of what’s acceptable to show on primetime broadcast TV, argues a study released today from Parents Television Council. [Variety]

Premiere Launches Evolution on 80 Stations
Premiere announced the launch of Electric Dance Music program Evolution with Pete Tong. This latest brand being pushed by Premiere and Clear Channel started out on 101.7-FM in Boston and 93.5-FM in Miami and is also heard on iHeartRadio. Evolution with Pete Tong is available for air Tuesday through Sunday from 6 a.m. to midnight local time, and can already be heard on nearly 80 stations nationwide. [Radio Ink]

NAB Holds Summer Board of Directors Meetings
NAB's board of directors met this week for its regularly scheduled summer board meeting. NAB Joint Board Chairman Paul Karpowicz, president of Meredith Corporation-Local Media Group, nominated Gordon Smith as NAB President/CEO. Also nominated were Joy Whitlow as NAB secretary/treasurer and Charles Warfield, YMF Media President/COO, as NAB joint board chairman. All were approved unanimously by the board. [Radio Online]


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