Morning Headlines for 6/4/13

Home Depot Goes Radio Crazy
Heard a few commercials on the radio for The Home Depot last week? You're not alone - the home improvement store chain ran a whopping 81,246 spots last week, more than double the total of second-place GEICO. [Radio Ink]

Fox News 'Mole' Resurfaces With Book
Joe Muto, the ex-producer at Fox, is still dealing with his spectacular flameout of April 2012. Muto, who worked on Bill O'Reilly's primetime show, began writing an anonymous column for the Gawker website about what it was like for a liberal to work at Fox. His bosses blew his cover and fired him within 24 hours. Muto did get a book deal out of the experience, though, and An Atheist in the Foxhole (Dutton) is being released Tuesday. [AP/TVNewsCheck]

WKYT anchor Sam Dick injured in bicycle wreck
Sam Dick, the son of the late CBS correspondent David Dick, was riding his bicycle 30 miles an hour in preparation for an upcoming Ironman competition when he wiped out trying to avoid a collision with a Jeep Cherokee. The longtime anchor at Lexington's CBS affiliate was treated for his injuries at UK's Chandler Hospital and released. Dick's wife credited a helmet for saving his life and said the wreck was a lesson to "slow down in highly trafficked areas." [Lexington Herald-Leader]


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