Friday Headlines — 6/21/13

Growing Gannett Eyeing Homegrown Programming
Gannett's planned acquisition of Belo further solidifies a strategy that has been in the works for some time —the group, which will grow from 23 to 43 TV stations when the deal closes, is developing homegrown programming that it is considering for multiple dayparts.

Gannett Broadcasting president Dave Lougee says the group has been doing research and development on new concepts for over 18 months, and has ramped it up in the last year as group brass talked with what he calls "a new generation of producers." [Broadcasting & Cable]

PTC Slams Fox Over Indecency Comments
The watchdog group says the network’s filing is an attempt to “re-litigate the Supreme Court cases that it lost, rather than addressing the proposal by the FCC to focus only on ‘egregious’ instances of indecency.” [TVNewsCheck]

Is it radio, or audio?
Broadcasters have fought to shake off the “terrestrial radio” label for AM/FM in recent years, but some operators think the word “radio” has been ripped off from them. [Inside Radio]

Pruitt Gives 5 Ways To Secure Press Freedom
Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of the Associated Press, Wednesday said the Department of Justice's seizure of AP journalists' phone records as part of a leaks probe last month has had an impact on the news organization's reporting efforts. [NetNewsCheck]


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