Evening Headlines — 6/24/13

'Family Ties' Creator Gary David Goldberg Dies at 68
Gary David Goldberg, the genial two-time Emmy Award winner who mined his rich personal life to create such amusing and affecting entertainment as the Michael J. Fox sitcom Family Ties, has died. Goldberg, who later co-created Spin City, another series starring Fox, and the critically lauded Brooklyn Bridge, died from brain cancer June 23 at his home in Montecito, California. He was 68 years old. [THR]

Suite revenge: Rutledge a ‘Charter’ member of move to merge
Wall Street is fired up about consolidation in the cable industry and is betting on Charter Communications chief Tom Rutledge to lead the latest deal-making — potentially a merger involving Cablevision or Time Warner Cable. [NY Post]

Morgan Elected President at CRB
Emmis Indianapolis senior VP and market manager Charlie Morgan has been elected president of the Country Radio Broadcasters. [Radio Ink]

Now that Arbitron has eliminated the out-of-market simulcast requirement from its Total Line Reporting ratings policy, the doors could swing open to more stations combining their on-air and online audiences for local advertisers. [Inside Radio]

NPR’s new headquarters refuels funding debate
NPR’s gleaming new headquarters building in the shadow of the Capitol in Washington has soaring ceilings, a “wellness” center, an employee gym and a gourmet cafe staffed by a resident chef. This, as it turns out, could be a political problem. [Washington Post]

Saga Waits 8 Years for Routine Renewal
This story relates to the FCC's planned review of indecency rules and points out how muddled the rule is and how the FCC is not staffed to handle every complaint. It also points out how easy it is to file an indecency complaint about a station and how nearly every complaint can stop a broadcaster in his tracks. In public comments filed by Saga, the company says it's still waiting for an application renewal for one of its stations that was filed back in 2005. [Radio Ink]


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