Evening Headlines — 6/12/13

Arbitron: "Radio listening is up"
Arbitron released another RADAR National Radio Listening Report today. The report says radio’s audience increased year over year, adding more than 430,000 weekly listeners. Arbitron says radio now reaches 242.5 million listeners, or 92 percent of persons, age 12 and older, on an average weekly basis. [Radio Ink]

ESPN 3D Shutting Down At Year’s End
ESPN is shutting down its ESPN 3D channel at year’s end, a company spokesperson confirmed to TVNewsCheck. ESPN 3D Launched in June 2010 with the 3D broadcast of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. [Playout]

'The Tonight Show' Starring Jimmy Fallon' Gets New Name; Hires Amy Ozols As Producer
"The Tonight Show" is getting a new host, and a new name. NBC announced Tuesday that the venerable late night show would be renamed "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" when Fallon takes over in February of 2014. [HuffPo]

Rupert Murdoch's New Empire: Who's Up, Who's Down (Analysis)
With News Corp.'s split set for June 28, THR breaks down the mogul's big bet on his legacy, son James' bigger role at Fox, and how to read the tea leaves. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Time Warner Cable Content Incentives Thwart New Web TV
Time Warner Cable Inc. and other pay-TV operators are offering incentives to media companies that agree to withhold content from Web-based entertainment services such as those pursued by Intel Corp. and Apple Inc., people with knowledge of the matter said. [Bloomberg]


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