BRIEF: Spectrum speculator buying 52 LPTVs and construction permits from Mako Communications

$46.5M deal includes St. Louis' KPTN-LD

Corpus Christi, Tex.-based Mako Communications is selling its 52 low-power TV stations and construction permits to Landover 5 LLC, a spectrum speculator* which says it's developing a nationwide 4G network.

The $46.5 million deal includes KPTN-LD (ch. 7 [RF 36]), a low-power station in St. Louis which currently is an affiliate of HSN, Jimmy Swaggart's SonLife network, QVC and Punch TV.

The FCC must approve the sale.

* Spectrum speculators are companies that buy up TV stations expecting a big payday when the FCC auctions the broadcast spectrum now in use by said stations. The auction is supposed to happen in 2014, but there is some question about that.


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