BRIEF: Restoring America pays fine over 2011 political ads in Ky.

Group had tried to hide identity of its largest contributor — David Williams' then-father-in-law

Kentucky's gubernatorial election campaign of two years ago featured advertisements from a group known as Restoring America. Little was known at the time about the group, which chose to back then-Kentucky Senate President David Williams over incumbent Gov. Steve Beshear.

Soon it was revealed, however, that the major backer of the group was Russell Springs, Ky. businessman Terry Stephens — who at the time was Williams' father-in-law.

Now Restoring America has come to an agreement with the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance that will see the group pay a $4,500 fine for not properly disclosing all expenditures and failing to identify Stephens as its benefactor.

Read more from the AP at the Kentucky New Era.


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